Iowa Legal Aid Online Application

Authored By: Iowa Legal Aid LSC Funded


Our online application is an interactive interview.  This easy-to-follow question and answer session will help us better understand your problem. To apply online click on the picture below. The interview takes a few seconds to load. NOTE: This interview will not work with smart phones or tablets and may not load with Internet Explorer. if you have trouble getting it to work, try opening it in Google Chrome or Firefox.

We will contact you at the telephone number you give us. If we can’t reach you we may send an email or a letter to the address you give us. Please check to make sure you give us the correct telephone number. The intake worker will find out if you are financially eligible. The problem must be one we are taking at this time. Due to limited staff we cannot help all who are low income.More information on income eligibility can be found here: Legal Services Corporation Rules on Finanical Eligibility. 

Important notes: Not all computers are secure. If you use a computer shared by others, they may be able to find out that you have connected to the Iowa Legal Aid web site. If you are worred about someone else knowing you have contacted Iowa Legal Aid for help, find a secure computer or call us at 1-800-532-1275 from a safe location.


If you have a court appearance or other deadline in the next two business days, do not apply on this website.  Instead call 1-800-532-1275 for an emergency intake. 

If you apply online and do not hear from us in two business days, call us at 1-800-532-1275. Tell the operator you applied online.

We hope you will find our system easy to use. Click to Apply Now.

Please note that this online interview requires Adobe Flashplayer. If you do not already have this application on your computer, download it for free from the Adobe website: