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Affidavits are written statements that are sworn under oath. Sometimes affidavits are signed in front of a notary public.

Can the School Make Me Get a Guardianship in Order to Enroll Children I Am Taking Care Of?

Sometimes, parents are not able to take care of their kids. The parents may have died, or be ill, or absent. Often, grandparents, aunts, uncles and others help out. Sometimes, the substitute parents may have problems enrolling the children in school. The school may tell the substitute parents that they have to get a “guardianship” over the children.

Caring for Our Minor Children After We're Gone

As parents, we worry about our children, especially about things that we have no control over.

What is "Notice" and How Is It Done?

When you file a case in court, you have to give the other person(s) notice. Here is some information on what notice is and how it can be done.

What Should I Do If I Get Court Papers?

Most people are afraid when they get court papers. Here is some advice on the court system and what to do if you get court papers.

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