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Assisted Living Program - Is This for Me?

Assisted living programs are found in a housing facility that also provides additional health-related care, personal care, and assistance with activities of daily living.

Assisted Living Programs in Iowa

This document has information for you on the assisted living programs in Iowa.

Do I Have to Sell or Liquidate All of My Assets to Qualify for Medicaid?

There are a number of different Medicaid programs that can assist elderly or disabled Iowans pay medical bills, home health care expenses and nursing home expenses. Most programs require that your total assets or "resources" be below certain levels in order to qualify.

Finding a Nursing Home

The transition to living in a nursing home may be difficult for you as well as for your family and friends. Finding a nursing home that works best for you is important.

Gifts and Qualifying for Medicaid for Nursing Home Care

Medicaid can help elderly or disabled Iowans pay nursing home and home health care expenses. To be eligible, your income and assets must be below certain levels. If you give away money or other assets to anyone other than your spouse, you may be ineligible for Medicaid. In addition, the state may seek to recover the assets you gave away.

Medicaid Payment for Nursing Home Care

Many people rely on Medicaid, also known as Title 19, to pay for their nursing home care. People may generally receive Medicaid payment for their nursing home care if their income is $2,829 or less per month and their nonexempt resources are $2,000 or less.

Miller Trusts: Helping Pay for Nursing Home Care

Miller Trusts can resolve the problem facing people with too much income to get Medicaid, but not enough to pay for nursing home care. Miller Trusts can also be used to qualify for in-home assistance under the Medicaid Elderly Waiver program.

Payment Options for Nursing Home Care

When you need long-term care in a nursing home, the care will generally be paid through Medicare, private payment, long-term care insurance or Medicaid (also known as title 19). This information will address Medicare, private pay and long-term care insurance.

Private Rooms and Nursing Home Residents on Title 19

Iowans in nursing homes on Medicaid may now have a private room if they or family members pay the extra cost.

Repayment of Medicaid under Iowa's Estate Recovery Law

Iowa's Estate Recovery Law requires reimbursing the state from the estate of a person who received benefits under certain Medicaid (Title 19) programs.

Signer Beware! The Pitfalls of Nursing Home Agreements

Before a person enters a nursing home, they must typically wade through a hefty pile of papers. Among the pile, there will be an “Admission” agreement of some kind. With the obvious distractions of the occasion, most people do not take the time to read and consider the specific terms of this agreement. This is a big mistake.

Transfers and Discharges from Nursing Homes

An attempt to transfer or discharge a resident from a nursing home against his or her wishes can be upsetting and frightening for residents and family. Fortunately, there are federal and state laws that protect a resident.

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