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Consumers and Bail Bonds

Most people spend very little time thinking about bail bondsmen —up until the moment a loved one lands in jail. In the cash bail system, where money secures freedom, some bail bond agents will go to great lengths to collect their profits. Consumers should know the risks of bail bond agreements. Consumers should also know their rights when things go wrong.

Credit card lawsuit

What should you know if you are sued for credit card debt

How to Use Small Claims Court

A video that outlines the basic steps involved in bringing and defending a small claims action.

Mortgage Foreclosures and Land Contract Forfeitures

People are usually not able to pay in full when they buy a home. As a result, most Iowans finance homes through either a mortgage or a land contract. If the buyer fails to make payments the loan terms require, each of these financing tools allows the lender to retake the home. The steps involved depend on whether it is a mortgage or land contract.

Shopping for an Assistive Technology Device

When you need an assistive device, it's a good idea to be sure to get one that works well and does what you need it to do. Learning as much as you can about a device and testing it before you buy can prevent problems. It is worth the time to make sure the device you choose helps gain more independence, better health or a fuller use of your abilities.

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