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Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy Basics provides basic information on different aspects of federal bankruptcy laws. It also provides a basic explanation of the different chapters under which a bankruptcy case may be filed and answers some of the most commonly asked questions about the bankruptcy process.

Credit card lawsuit

What should you know if you are sued for credit card debt

Creditor Threats - Are They for Real?

Health problems, car accidents, and credit cards can make it tough to pay your bills. Creditors and debt collectors may contact you and threaten to take your income and property. You should know that federal and Iowa law protect certain property from being taken by most of your creditors

Dealing With Medical Debt

It is important to plan for medical expenses. Equally important is knowing how to deal with medical bills when you have no money to pay them.

Debt Collection

At times you may run into difficulty keeping up with payments on debts. When payments are not made, creditors or debt collection companies may step up their collection efforts by mailing notices, making phone calls and even taking legal action.

Debtor's Exams

If you owe money under a court judgment, you may be ordered to go to the court for a debtor?s exam.

Debts Owed to Federal Government Can Be Collected Through Social Security Benefit Checks

Iowans should know the U.S. Department of Treasury and Social Security Administration are working together to collect non-tax debts owed the U.S. Government. People who owe a non-tax debt to the U.S. Government are subject to new actions to collect the money.

Garnishment in Iowa

Information about garnishment, when your money is taken from someone other than you to pay a court judgment.

Getting a Temporary Restricted License (TRL)

Many persons need a temporary restricted license (TRL) to handle life's daily responsibilities- getting to and from work and school, getting groceries and other necessary errands.

How to Use Small Claims Court

A video that outlines the basic steps involved in bringing and defending a small claims action.

Mechanic's Lien

A lien is a claim against your property that can allow the person claiming the lien to sell your property or be paid if you sell your property.

Repossession: The Rules a Creditor Must Follow to Take Your Personal Property

Sometimes a creditor can "repossess" your personal property if you do not pay what you owe them.

Settle your Tax debt for Cents on the Dollar

This is a common phrase you hear on television ads. Does this sound too good to be true?

Small Claims Court Information Booklet

How to file a case in small claims court.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

The "SCRA" is a federal statute passed by Congress to allow military members to suspend or postpone some civil obligations so the military member can devote his or her full attention to military duties.

What Can I Do When I Owe Taxes, Court Debt or Other Debts to the State of Iowa?

The state can do things normal creditors cannot. The most common is suspension of driver's licenses, stopping ability to register a car, or garnishment.

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