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Application for Iowa Mortgage Help

Online application for Iowa Mortgage Help, assistance for homeowners facing foreclosure.

Buying a House

Buying a home on a contract can be a way for persons who are low-income or who have poor credit to become homeowners. However, there are certain risks to know about to avoid surprises after the contract is signed.

Facts About Foreclosure

The following "factsheet" can be useful to help homeowners understand their rights when facing the loss of their home.

I Lost My House and Now I Owe Taxes?

If sale of a home in a foreclosure action does not cover the amount owed to the lender, part of a loan may not have to be paid back. The IRS may consider the amount of debt "forgiven" as income and tax it.

Mortgage Rescue Scams

Are you a homeowner who is behind in mortgage payments or facing foreclosure? Help is available but you need to be careful.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

The "SCRA" is a federal statute passed by Congress to allow military members to suspend or postpone some civil obligations so the military member can devote his or her full attention to military duties.

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