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  • The Basic Rules of Credit Cards

    Credit cards should only be used as a source of funding for emergencies such as car repairs, or for short-term loans for large purchases only. Before using your card to make a purchase, think about where the money will come from to pay it off. All who use a credit card should know the basic rules of credit cards. Read More

  • They Got Their Judgment, Now What Can They Take?

    Once someone has a judgment against you, garnishing wages is a common way to try to collect it. There are two limits on how much they can take. One is a per pay period limit. The other is an annual cap. Read More

  • Tort Lawsuit Defense

    If you are sued, what can you do to defend yourself in court? Experienced tort defense attorney Bruce Walker of Phelan, Tucker, Mullen, Walker, Tucker & Gelman in Iowa City, has been dealing with these cases. Here is some information from Mr. Walker on torts and defending against a lawsuit. Read More

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  • Wage Payment Collection

    Are you having problems collecting wages owed to you or problems not being paid regularly? There is a law in Iowa to help you. It is called the Wage Payment Collection Act. (Chapter 91A, Iowa Code). Read More

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  • What To Do If Someone Sues You After an Accident

    If someone is injured by a car accident you cause, what happens if you are sued? Read More

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