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Consumer Issues When You Don't Say I Do

A variety of issues can come up when a couple lives together but is not married. This resource takes a look at consumer issues that can arise.

Help With Phone Equipment for Iowans with a Hearing Disability

If you are an Iowan and have a hearing disability, you can get help with special phone or other equipment to make it easier to talk or communicate by phone

Lifeline Discounted Phone Program

A program called Lifeline helps low-income Iowans pay for basic telephone or internet service.

LIHEAP Rules Require Social Security Numbers and Protect Deployed Servicemembers

Community Action Programs continue to help low-income Iowans pay home heating bills with "LIHEAP" or Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Iowa law protects families who qualify for LIHEAP with a "winter moratorium" on shutoffs of natural gas and electricity.

Paying for Utilities

If you cannot afford to pay your natural gas and electric utility bills, you have certain rights and remedies that may help you avoid having utilities shut off.

Telephone Slamming

Telephone slamming occurs when a telephone company changes your telephone service without your consent. Slamming is illegal, and you can protect yourself from being slammed by following a few tips.

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income people pay for winter heating costs. The amount of money a person can get depends on household income and size, fuel used, and the type of housing. LIHEAP is not intended to take care of the whole bill - it helps cover costs where the need is greatest.

Utilities and Medical Concerns

What to do if you have a medical condition and your utilities were shut off.

Water Service Shutoffs

In Iowa, utilities supplying water to people are often owned by the city where they are located. Who makes the rules about water service?

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