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Bullying in Iowa

Answers to common questions about the anti-bullying and anti-harassment policies schools are required to have.

Can the School Make Me Get a Guardianship in Order to Enroll Children I Am Taking Care Of?

Sometimes, parents are not able to take care of their kids. The parents may have died, or be ill, or absent. Often, grandparents, aunts, uncles and others help out. Sometimes, the substitute parents may have problems enrolling the children in school. The school may tell the substitute parents that they have to get a “guardianship” over the children.

Have You Applied for a Waiver of School Fees?

Many parents have a hard time buying all the things their kids need. Fortunately, low-income families can ask that the school waive the fees.

Having a Voice and Making a Choice in Where Your Child Goes to School

Open enrollment lets Iowa parents or guardians who live in one school district enroll their children into another Iowa school district where they don't live.

Individual Education Plans

Children with disabilities have rights under federal and Iowa laws.


Children may miss school for lots of reasons. Students may be sick, afraid of being bullied, or too depressed to attend. One response to poor attendance is to label the student as a "truant."

What Are The Policies at Your Child's School?

Most parents help their children get ready for school by getting their school supplies and gym clothes ready each fall. A lot of schools print a checklist of things the parents are supposed to provide. The checklist in this article is for parents as well, but it is to help parents see if the school has provided what it is supposed to provide.

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