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How Judges Decide How Much Child Support a Parent Must Pay

How much each parent makes sets the amount of child support due in Iowa. Here are the charts Child Support Recovery Unit and judges use charts called the Uniform Child Support Guidelines (Guidelines).

Child Support Payees May Have Funds Available for Withdrawal

Child support payees who use a ReliaCard to receive child support payments but haven't used the card for several years, may have funds considered abandoned. Funds may then be transferred out of the account. You can get the funds back. Here's how.

Help for Iowans Who Owe Back Child Support

Information that helps Iowans who owe back child support

How to Change a Child Support Order

Sometimes the judge sets the amount of child support, and then something changes so that the amount is no longer correct. Either parent, or Iowa Child Support services, can ask the court to change the amount of the child support payments.

Not Paying for Child Support Can Mean Loss of Driver's License or Other Licenses

If you fail to pay child support, will that affect your driver's license? The short answer is: it might. The law says if people fall far enough behind in paying child support, the Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU) can "sanction" drivers' licenses. This means they can suspend, revoke, not issue, or not renew the license if a parent is delinquent in child support payments.

Paternity and Child Support

Answers to frequently asked questions on the topics of paternity and child support.

Paternity Fraud

Information on why it is best to be sure before naming someone as the father of your child.

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