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Summary of Iowa Divorce Law

Read this first for a general overview with answers to common questions on divorce law in our state.

Divorce in Iowa Without an Attorney

The Iowa Supreme Court has forms for people who cannot afford an attorney or do not want to hire one to get divorced.

Misconceptions About Common Law Marriage

Questions often arise about the legal rights of persons who are, or were, part of a couple, but who have not gone through a marriage ceremony. This resource looks at some misconceptions about common law marriage.

Common Myths About Family Law

Often people have been misinformed about the law, especially family law such as divorce and custody. Here is a list of common misunderstandings about family law.

Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage

A general overview of Iowa law on divorce.

Doctor-Patient Privilege In Civil Court Cases

Under most circumstances your doctor or counselor cannot give your records to anyone but you. This privilege is based on the constitutional right to privacy.

How Social Media Can Be Used Against People in Family Law Cases

What people put on social media websites can end up being used in unexpected ways. Being aware of the potential risks can help you avoid adding content that could cause problems down the road.

How to Represent Yourself in Court

Information and links to Iowa Court forms to use if you are representing yourself without an attorney.

Internet Safety

There are hundreds of ways that computers record everything you do on the computer or Internet.

Legal Separation - Separating Before Divorce

Questions and answers if a married couple separates.

Limited Representation (Unbundled Legal Services)

Questions and answers about a different way lawyers can provide services to clients.

My Spouse Lied to the IRS and I Got the Bill!

Most of the time a husband and spouse filing a joint tax return are both held responsible for any tax debts that come from that tax return, called "Joint and Several Liability." This can become an issue when married couples separate.

Resolving Family Law Problems Through Mediation

A divorce or custody action can take a long time. It can cost a lot of money and be very emotional and stressful for the family. Iowa courts have looked for other ways to resolve family law disputes.

Self-Help Divorce Forms

You can file a divorce in Iowa without an attorney. The Iowa Courts website now has free forms for couples with children as well as the forms for couples with no children. You must use these forms to file a divorce in Iowa without an attorney. You should not pay for forms from other websites.

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