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  • Iowa Department of Human Services Health Care Services

    Learn about Medicaid (Title 19), hawk-i: Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa, and the Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program. Links to application forms are included. Read More

    Iowa Department of Human Services
  • Iowa's County Veterans Relief Program

    If you are a veteran, you might be able to get financial help from the county in which you live. Each county must have a County Commission of Veterans Affairs. Read More

  • Medicaid Payment for Nursing Home Care

    Many people rely on Medicaid, also known as Title 19, to pay for their nursing home care. People may generally receive Medicaid payment for their nursing home care if their income is $2,094 or less per month and their nonexempt resources are $2,000 or less. Read More

  • Medical Records and Privacy in Iowa

    When you go to the doctor or a hospital, the doctor or nurse always writes in your chart. This is part of your medical record or written history of care a patient gets. A number of laws and policies apply to what doctors or hospitals can do with this information. Read More

  • The Family and Medical Leave Act

    Every working person should know about the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA. FMLA is a law that says that in certain situations, an employer may have to give an employee time off for certain reasons, such as when they are sick, or when they have family members who need care. Read More

  • Utilities and Medical Concerns

    What to do if you have a medical condition and your utilities were shut off. Read More

    Iowa Legal Aid
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