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Appealing decisions by the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services

If your application for Medicaid or other help through the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services is denied or services reduced you can file an appeal. The Appeals Section provides an efficient way of ensuring that persons affected by the Department of Health and Human Services' decisions have access to due process of the law. There is no fee or charge for filing an appeal. You may need to seek review of a decision through your managed care organization before filing an appeal with the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services.

Applying for Affordable Health Insurance for Your Children

This gives links and phone numbers to call to get low-cost or free health coverage for your child or teen.

Hawki Application Forms

The Hawki program provides free or very low cost heath insurance for children. The application is available on line and includes descriptions of the amount of income a family may have and still be eligible.

Immigrants and the Affordable Care Act's Health Care Marketplace

Immigrant families may be able to get help through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the “health care marketplace.”

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