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Application for Iowa Mortgage Help

Online application for Iowa Mortgage Help, assistance for homeowners facing foreclosure.

Buying a Home - Issues with land contracts

Contract for deed arrangements attract people for whom traditional paths to home ownership feel out of reach. The brief highlights the considerable risks that homebuyers face with these precarious deals, where the buyer makes monthly payments to a seller toward eventually owning the home—no bank or mortgage involved.

Buying a House

Buying a home on a contract can be a way for persons who are low-income or who have poor credit to become homeowners. However, there are certain risks to know about to avoid surprises after the contract is signed.

Facing Foreclosure? Tips to Help Restructure Debt and Deal with Mortgage Companies

When the foreclosure process starts or is just around the corner, homeowners must decide whether to stay in the home or move. This is not an easy choice to make.

Homestead Exemption for 65 and older

Homestead exemption available for 65 and older

Law Lets Schools Help Fight Homelessness

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (“the McKinney-Vento Act”) was enacted to combat issues homeless and near-homeless students face. A student’s family may also benefit from the services provided under the Act.

What You Need to Know about Property Taxes

Information on the importance of staying current on property taxes and what happens when you don't

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