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Evictions 101

Many people don’t know what to do when their landlords threaten to evict them. The law protects rights of tenants. It also protects rights of landlords. Like other legal topics, issues in landlord-tenant law can be complicated. Still, most of the basic rules and steps parties must follow are fairly simple.

Summary of Iowa Landlord and Tenant Law

A brief overview of Iowa residential landlord and tenant law.

Housing Rights of Persons with Disabilities

There is not enough low and moderate- income housing to meet the need. Persons with disabilities may have even fewer housing choices. Some rental units could become suitable with a few changes. The landlord's rules or policies might need to change before the tenant could live there. What are a tenant's rights in such cases?

How Do I Get My Landlord to Make Repairs?

Most people know if you are a tenant and don’t pay the rent, your landlord can evict you. But what can a tenant do if the landlord doesn’t make needed repairs?

Can I Expunge My Adult Criminal Conviction in Iowa?

The State of Iowa’s policy is to keep most criminal records public. Others can see a criminal conviction.

Disaster Struck My Rental Property, Now What?

In a disaster, time can seem to move both too slowly for some things and too fast for others. If you have been affected by fire, lightning strikes, tornadoes, flooding or other natural disasters in Iowa, you have some options.

Expungement of Non-Criminal Cases

Can evictions or other non-criminal cases be removed from my record?

How to Represent Yourself in Court

Information and links to Iowa Court forms to use if you are representing yourself without an attorney.

Landlords and Credit Reports

If a landlord turns you down because of bad credit or background issues, you may still be able to rent the apartment if you can explain some of the problems. Sometimes information on the report is incorrect.

Questions and Answers for Tenants About Bedbugs

Once thought to be largely eliminated in the United States, bedbugs have again become a problem for tenants, homeowners, hotels and even retail stores.

What Is Discrimination in Housing?

Some of the things a landlord considers in choosing tenants or in deciding how to treat a particular tenant are legal and proper. Others are illegal, improper, and cannot be considered.

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