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Other Housing Problems

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Avoid Housing Schemes

The number of Iowa homes in foreclosure has been high for several years, and homeowners experiencing foreclosure can be easy victims. The following scenarios are not all scemes – but these situations likely will not be a “good deal” for individuals buying or selling homes.

Can I Expunge My Adult Criminal Conviction in Iowa?

The State of Iowa’s policy is to keep most criminal records public. Others can see a criminal conviction.

Elderly Waiver Program Keeps People Out of Nursing Homes

Information to help you understand the Elderly Waiver Program.

Expungement of Non-Criminal Cases

Can evictions or other non-criminal cases be removed from my record?

Know How to Hold it - Pros and Cons of Certain Types of Property Ownership

The manner in which you own your property can have important consequences. The common forms of ownership are sole ownership, joint tenancy with right of survivorship and tenancy in common. Each form of ownership has its pros and cons.

Mortgage Foreclosures and Land Contract Forfeitures

People are usually not able to pay in full when they buy a home. As a result, most Iowans finance homes through either a mortgage or a land contract. If the buyer fails to make payments the loan terms require, each of these financing tools allows the lender to retake the home. The steps involved depend on whether it is a mortgage or land contract.

Property Tax Suspension for People Who Get SSI

Many people with a disability own or are buying their homes. Iowa law allows people who get Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or State Supplemental Assistance (SSA), or live in a health care facility, to get their property taxes suspended.


Refinancing may look good now when interest rates are lower than they have been in years. However, smaller monthly payments do not always mean that refinancing will be a good deal for you as a consumer.

Rent Reimbursement and Property Tax Credits

Each year, Iowans who are elderly or have a disability may be able to get a property tax credit on their home and rent reimbursement on apartment or mobile home lot rent.

Waiting Lists and Public Housing

What you can do if you applied for a voucher but it may take two years or more for your name to come up.

What to Do if You Get a Notice About Your Public Housing

Do you live in public housing? If so, you need to understand the rights and responsibilities that go along with it. This article will discuss what you should do if you get a notice about your public housing.

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