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  • Appealing decisions by the Iowa Department of Human Services

    If your application for Medicaid or other help through the Iowa Department of Human Services is denied or services reduced you can file an appeal. The Appeals Section provides an efficient way of ensuring that persons affected by the Department of Human Services' decisions have access to due process of the law. There is no fee or charge for filing an appeal. You may need to seek review of a decision through your managed care organization before filing an appeal with the Iowa Department of Human Services. Content Detail

    Iowa Department of Human Services
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  • Assistive Technology and Rights of Persons With Disabilities

    People with disabilities, including those who use assistive technology, have many rights. Here is just a summary of some areas with special protections of which you should be aware. Read More

  • I Won My Social Security Disability Case - Now What?

    Anyone who has gone through the Social Security disability process knows how hard it is to win disability and SSI benefits. Finally getting the benefits is a big relief. But there is more to your benefits than a monthly check. Read More