Family Investment Program

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  • Appealing decisions by the Iowa Department of Human Services

    If your application for Medicaid or other help through the Iowa Department of Human Services is denied or services reduced you can file an appeal. The Appeals Section provides an efficient way of ensuring that persons affected by the Department of Human Services' decisions have access to due process of the law. There is no fee or charge for filing an appeal. You may need to seek review of a decision through your managed care organization before filing an appeal with the Iowa Department of Human Services. Content Detail

    Iowa Department of Human Services
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  • 60 Month Lifetime Limit on FIP Benefits

    Unless a person is exempt from the limit due to a hardship, there is a 60-month (five year) lifetime limit on FIP benefits. Read More

  • Questions and Answers About Limited Benefit Plans

    If you are receiving cash benefits from the Family Investment Program (FIP), there are certain conditions you must meet. If you do not, you may be at risk of having your benefits stopped, which is called a ?Limited Benefit Plan? or LBP. Read More


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