Welfare/Public Assistance

Legal Information

  • DHS Overpayments

    DHS may send money or provide a benefit to a recipient and later decide that what they provided was not correct. If you get an overpayment from DHS, be sure to know the answers to three important questions. Read More

    Iowa Legal Aid
  • Medicaid Payment for Nursing Home Care

    Many people rely on Medicaid, also known as Title 19, to pay for their nursing home care. People may generally receive Medicaid payment for their nursing home care if their income is $2,094 or less per month and their nonexempt resources are $2,000 or less. Read More

  • Private Rooms and Nursing Home Residents on Title 19

    Iowans in nursing homes on Medicaid may now have a private room if they or family members pay the extra cost. Read More

  • Public Benefits and Car Ownership

    Iowans will be able to have one dependable car and still get welfare benefits and food assistance. Welfare (FIP) and food assistance (food stamps) limit the amount of resources a family can have and still be eligible. Read More

  • Public Benefits During COVID Pandemic

    Updates to public benefits programs during the COVID pandemic. Read More


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