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Common Tax Troubles

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Am I an "Employee" or "Independent Contractor" and Why It Really Matters

How to determine the answer to this question as well as a look at what could happen if you ask.

Avoiding the Slings and Arrows of Tax Time

During tax season you will hear many businesses offering to help you file your return. The question is, “Do I really want a car dealership, pay day loan store or rental store to complete my tax return?”

Debts "Written Off" May Count as Taxable Income

Many people do not know that having a debt ?written off? or forgiven may count as taxable income. When income is taxable, it must be reported to the IRS.

I Lost My House and Now I Owe Taxes?

If sale of a home in a foreclosure action does not cover the amount owed to the lender, part of a loan may not have to be paid back. The IRS may consider the amount of debt "forgiven" as income and tax it.

I Owe the IRS Money. Now What?

Suppose the IRS sent you a letter a couple of years back indicating you owed money. At the time, you didn't know what to do and missed the deadline. This year you are entitled to a refund but the IRS is going to take it. You were going to fix your car or maybe catch up on utility bills with the refund. Is there anything you can do?

My Refund Was Taken - What Can I Do?

Tax Refunds can be taken by both the state of Iowa Department of Revenue and by the Internal Revenue Service. What you can do about it, depends on what agency took the refund and why it was taken.

My Spouse Lied to the IRS and I Got the Bill!

Most of the time a husband and spouse filing a joint tax return are both held responsible for any tax debts that come from that tax return, called "Joint and Several Liability." This can become an issue when married couples separate.

Settle your Tax debt for Cents on the Dollar

This is a common phrase you hear on television ads. Does this sound too good to be true?

Taxes and Marriage

When discussing taxes and marriage, there are a few myths to be examined and pitfalls to avoid.

What Can I Do When I Owe Taxes, Court Debt or Other Debts to the State of Iowa?

The state can do things normal creditors cannot. The most common is suspension of driver's licenses, stopping ability to register a car, or garnishment.

What do I do if I didn’t get my W-2 or the W-2 I got has errors?

Employers are supposed to issue W-2’s to their employees by January 31st after the end of the calendar year.

What Filing Status Do I Use for my Taxes?

Your filing status can influence the amount of tax and the amount of or eligibility for certain credits

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