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Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Services from Iowa Legal Aid

If you need legal advice for legal problems due to the Covid-19 public health crisis, please call the Covid-19 Legal Advice Hotline at 1-800-332-0419.

Current clients

  • If you have already applied online with Iowa Legal Aid and have an open case, call 1-800-532-1503 and ask for the attorney assigned to your case.
  •  If you have a current case with Iowa Legal Aid and have a new issue, you should ask your attorney about this. 
  • If you were a client in the past but do not have an open case, you will need to apply for help. You can apply online or by phone.

Due to limited staff we can't help with all cases. Here are some cases we can't take

  • We do not defend criminal charges - we do not advise or offer defense of current criminal charges, including traffic tickets. If it is a past case, you can apply to expunge it.
  • Help with child support - whether you need it, are paying, or want to change it, please contact Iowa Child Support Recovery. You can read information on our website: Child Support Information. There are self-help forms to modify child support on the Iowa Courts website: Iowa Court Forms.
  • Apply for SSI or Social Security Disability - the Social Security website has the applications:
  • Wills and estate issues - we can only help seniors over age 60 with these issues.
  • You can find attorneys for cases we are not taking on

Apply by Phone

  • Apply by phone by calling 1-800-532-1275 Monday-Friday from 9 to 11 am or from 1:30 to 3:30 pm, except Thursday afternoon. Offices are open 8:30 to 4:30 (emergencies taken when open). Our offices are currently closed to the public due to the public health crisis.
  • Iowans 60 and over may apply for help by calling the Legal Hotline for Older Iowans at 1-800-992-8161 Monday-Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Apply Online

Not all computers are secure. If you use a computer shared by others, they may be able to find out that you have connected to the Iowa Legal Aid web site. Close your browser when you have finished.

  • If you have more than one legal problem, just apply once and tell us about the other problem when we speak to you.
  • Our online application is not a form, it is an interview that asks questions to help you apply.
  • Iowa Legal Aid staff will contact you as soon as we can by phone or we may send a letter to the address you give us.
  • If you don't hear from us in 2 business days after you submit the online application, please call us at 1-800-532-1503 and ask for the person who contacts online applicants.
  • Completing the application does not mean we have accepted you as a client.
  • Click to apply online in English
  • Habla Español? Haga clic aquí

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Last Review and Update: Nov 02, 2020

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