Free Dental Care Available


In May of 2005, Delta Dental Plan of Iowa made a commitment to provide $80,000 for free dental care. The program, "Donated Dental Services," is for low-income elderly and disabled Iowans who are unable to get care they need. Donated Dental Services has already been successful in 35 other states across the country. Nationwide, Donated Dental Services has provided care to 6,000 people. It gives more than $13 million in care per year.

"The Donated Dental Services program is part of our ongoing work to provide funding for preventive, educational, research, and dental access-oriented programs to address the oral health care needs of underserved Iowans," says Dr. Ed Schooley, Vice President and Dental Director of Delta Dental Plan of Iowa. Patients can only get help from the program once due to the many people who need help.

Contact a Referral Coordinator to apply for the program. The Referral Coordinator will make sure the person is eligible. This means the patient:

  • Cannot afford dental care;
  • Needs extensive dental care; and
  • Cannot get the care through other programs.

Then the coordinator will match the patient with a local dentist. The dentist examines the patient and usually provides treatment.
Naomi Guinn-Johnson is coordinator of the Iowa Donated Dental Services Program. If you think you qualify for free dental care through this program, contact Ms. Guinn-Johnson at 515-964-0034.

Last Review and Update: Mar 25, 2009

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