Grants and Data Analyst

Authored By: Iowa Legal Aid


Development/Fiscal Unit

Grants and Data Analyst – Confidential Staff


Responsible To: Director of Operations and Finance


Grant related responsibilities


  1. Complete automated audit folder with new contracts and award letter.
  2. Create and maintain files for new grants, including doing a review of applications and contracts for deadlines and other grant requirements (e.g. press release, article in EJJ, etc.)
  3. Maintain a tickler system for grant reporting, billing deadlines, distributing audit reports, and other grant requirements.
  4. Prepare monthly/quarterly reports/ on various grant sources, as assigned.
  5. Assist with LSC applications, reports, visits, audits, and requests as assigned.
  6. Assist with the drafting of grant applications as needed.
  7. Assist in research efforts for new grants or potential funding sources.
  8. Assist the Fiscal Department with administrative related tasks.


Technology related responsibilities:


  1. Continuous process analysis and automation planning.
    1. Determine appropriate methods and use for data;
    2. Assist with gathering, converting, aggregating, and otherwise processing data using various software;
    3. Assist with assessment and analysis of data;
    4. Assist in the development of methods for handling, organizing, and subsequently using the materials;
    5. Draft and refine the process for uniformity to ensure the integrity of captured data; and
    6. Develop training materials for the process and procedures that are to be utilized.
  2. Create and present information to key staff and the Board as requested.
  3. Create predictability models as requested.




  1. Provide assistance needed for completion of annual audit.
  2. Assist with Iowa Legal Aid Foundation Board meetings and fundraising efforts as needed.
  3. Work with others on the Board website and social media sites as needed.
  4. Work in conjunction with the Public Relations Coordinator with regard to:
    1. Coordination of community legal education sessions.
    2. Maintenance of Iowa Legal Aid social media and Board and Advisory Council Resource Center websites.
    3. Aid in the designing and distribution of Iowa Legal Aid materials to grantors.
  5. Perform duties as required or assigned.




Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work in team environment. Exemplary data entry skills, plus a minimum of two (2) years formal accounting education courses or equivalent experience preferably with a system utilizing a fund based computerized accounting system. Demonstrated research and data analysis skills. Strong oral and written communication abilities. A minimum of two (2) years of formal education or equivalent experience with grant writing and grant management. Bookkeeping certification preferred. Computer proficiency required. Demonstrated concern for and sensitivity to low-income persons.


Opening/Closing Date: Closed when the position is filled.


Salary/Benefits:: Salary will be commensurate with experience. Excellent fringe benefits. 


Applications: To apply, submit letter of application, resume and names, addresses and phone numbers of three professional references to:


ATTN: Tracie Behr
Iowa Legal Aid
1111 Ninth Street, Suite 230
Des Moines, Iowa 50314-2527


Iowa Legal Aid is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Reasonable accommodations are available to qualified applicants upon request

Auxiliary aids and services are available in alternative formats


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