Iowa Legal Aid Car Buying App

Authored By: Iowa Legal Aid LSC Funded

Iowa Legal Aid App in the Google Play and iTunes stores.

Ever wonder if you are getting taken advantage of at the used car dealer? What are your rights when buying a new car? How can you protect yourself from buying a lemon?

Youth Link is a car buying tool for first-time buyers, provided by Iowa Legal Aid. This app walks you through the confusing process of planning, budgeting and researching vehicles, emphasizing areas of the law that you might not know about. This app also defines difficult terminology, provides checklists of documents to obtain and questions to ask when deciding which vehicle is right for you.

After using this app to help your used-car buying process, you will be better equipped to know your rights.

Find the app in the Google Play store:

In the iTunes App store look for Iowa Legal Aid Youth Link

Last Review and Update: Aug 19, 2016

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