New Rules Could Require New Training For Child Care Providers

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The Department of Human Services (DHS) wants to add new rules for people who provide child care in their homes. These rules would require new trainings for in-home care providers.

The changes would not apply to all people who watch children in their homes. Rather, the proposed rules would apply only to child care providers who:

  • Care for five or fewer children;
  • Care for the children in their home;
  • Are approved to care for children in their home through the State of Iowa; and
  • Receive money from DHS through the child care assistance program.

DHS wants in-home child care providers to have more training on issues that may come up when watching children. Specifically, DHS wants care providers to take classes on the follow topics:

  • Immunizations and preventing and controlling the spread of dangerous diseases ;
  • Safe sleeping for children and prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS);
  • Getting parent permission to give medication and safe practices when giving children medication;
  • How to handle food allergies and allergic reactions;
  • Identifying unsafe areas in the home, including electrical dangers and bodies of water;
  • Preventing shaken baby syndrome and head injuries for children;
  • Planning and preparing for emergencies;
  • Handling dangerous liquids and materials and how to properly throw them away; and
  • Safely transporting children.

The proposed rules would require that providers take training on these topics every five years. Providers would also need to take two hours of mandatory child abuse reporting training, as well as keep their CPR and first aid certifications up-to-date.

These rules are just proposed at this time and have not been adopted by DHS.  It is possible that DHS may decide to make changes to the proposed rules.

A date has not been announced for when the proposed rules will take effect.  Whether notice of the new rules will be sent to all child care providers and how the rules will be implemented is also not clear. 

If you get a notice about these rules from DHS and have questions about how it may impact you or your child care provider, please feel free to call Iowa Legal Aid.

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Last Review and Update: Jul 28, 2016

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