Teens: The Healthy Relationship Quiz


Healthy Relationship Test:

If you answer yes to any of the following, your relationship is not as healthy as you deserve:

  • Does your boyfriend or girlfriend love you so much that they are jealous or possessive? Do they check up on you? Do they get angry if you talk to other people? Do they accuse you of cheating on them?
  • Does your boyfriend or girlfriend like to keep you all to themself? Do they ask you not to spend so much time with your friends?
  • Does your boyfriend or girlfriend pressure you to have sex? Do they push you to get serious faster than you want to?
  • Does your boyfriend or girlfriend tell you what to wear, how you should wear your hair, or how much makeup to wear?
  • Does your boyfriend or girlfriend blame you when they mistreat you instead of apologizing for their actions? Do they accuse you of pushing their buttons?
  • Does your boyfriend or girlfriend scare you sometimes? Does their temper get out of control? Do they hit people or break things when they get angry?
  • Does your boyfriend or girlfriend make fun of you, not take your opinion seriously, or put you down?
  • Does your boyfriend or girlfriend go from being very angry to being really sweet and telling you they can't live without you?
  • Does your boyfriend or girlfriend threaten to kill themself or hurt you or someone you love if you break up with them?
  • Do they yell, kick, hit, push, pinch, grab, pin you down, throw things at you, or hurt you?
Last Review and Update: Sep 22, 2022
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