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Evacuating Your Pets

Links to evacuation planning resources.

Disaster Documents Checklist

Do not risk your life to collect these items at the last minute.

Questions and Answers About Domestic Abuse and Protective Orders

These common questions and answers about domestic abuse and protective orders provide a summary of Iowa law.

Housing Rights of Persons with Disabilities

There is not enough low and moderate- income housing to meet the need. Persons with disabilities may have even fewer housing choices. Some rental units could become suitable with a few changes. The landlord's rules or policies might need to change before the tenant could live there. What are a tenant's rights in such cases?

Criminal No Contact Orders and Civil Protection Orders

A lot of what we know about the law we learn from television. Read this information about domestic abuse and the orders that protect victims.

How do I get my stuff back? What to know about replevin cases in Iowa

This article talks about how to get a court to order the return of someone's personal property through replevin, and what to do if YOU have been sued in replevin.

Evictions 101

Many people don’t know what to do when their landlords threaten to evict them. The law protects rights of tenants. It also protects rights of landlords. Like other legal topics, issues in landlord-tenant law can be complicated. Still, most of the basic rules and steps parties must follow are fairly simple.

Legal Rights of Persons with Disabilities

State and federal governments know that people who have a disability sometimes need extra protections or specific laws to address their unique situations.

How Can I Get a Civil Protection Order?

A civil domestic abuse action is started by filing a petition with the Clerk of Court, asking for protection from domestic abuse. A victim can have an attorney file the petition for her. A domestic abuse victim can also file a petition themselves by using forms available from the Clerk of Court.

Finding a Nursing Home

The transition to living in a nursing home may be difficult for you as well as for your family and friends. Finding a nursing home that works best for you is important.

Accommodations for Veterans With Disabilities

Help is available to enable many disabled veterans to live very independently. Legal protections help make this happen. Any veteran with disabilities or person who knows a veteran with disabilities should know about how the law protects these brave people. The law supports their search for decent, affordable housing.

Assistive Technology and Rights of Persons With Disabilities

People with disabilities, including those who use assistive technology, have many rights. Here is just a summary of some areas with special protections of which you should be aware.

Sexual Assault and Civil Legal Remedies

Sexual assault can happen in many different ways. Rape is one form of sexual assault. There are many other forms that it may take. Here are questions and answers about civil legal remedies in this area of the law.

Mobile Homes in Iowa

This resource concerns the rental of lot space for a mobile home or modular home. If the mobile home itself is rented, a different law, Iowa's regular landlord/tenant act, applies to the rental of the mobile home.

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