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  • Housing Rights of Persons with Disabilities

    There is not enough low and moderate- income housing to meet the need. Persons with disabilities may have even fewer housing choices. Some rental units could become suitable with a few changes. The landlord's rules or policies might need to change before the tenant could live there. What are a tenant's rights in such cases? Read More

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  • Legal Rights of Persons with Disabilities

    State and federal governments know that people who have a disability sometimes need extra protections or specific laws to address their unique situations. Read More

    Iowa Legal Aid
  • Accommodations for Veterans With Disabilities

    Help is available to enable many disabled veterans to live very independently. Legal protections help make this happen. Any veteran with disabilities or person who knows a veteran with disabilities should know about how the law protects these brave people. The law supports their search for decent, affordable housing. Read More

  • Assistive Technology and Rights of Persons With Disabilities

    People with disabilities, including those who use assistive technology, have many rights. Here is just a summary of some areas with special protections of which you should be aware. Read More